Vaginal Pterodactyls


Vaginas can contract all sorts of horrible illnesses and animals, however, the problem of vaginal pterodactyls is often misunderstood and, for many women, embarrassing.

The vagina itself is a mathematically defined region of space time exhibiting such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it. Common illness of the vagina include horny, masturbation, girl AIDS, lesbianism (and in extreme cases feminism) and PMS.

Owing to the vagina's strong gravitational pull, it is not uncommon for animals to get sucked inside.
Common animals of the vagina include;
• Thrush’s and other songbirds
• Sharks
• Rhinoceros
• Gorillas
The Pterodactyl is a rare and serious form of bird that may inhabit the vagina causing severe discomfort. The good news is, with the correct treatment, the afflicted woman may make a full recovery.


A woman suffering from Vaginal Pterodactyls may experience discomfort and large discharges of Pterodactyl droppings. Loud screeching might be heard coming from her vagina and any potential pterodactyl food source place near the entrance of the vagina might disappear.

The mating season for Pterodactyls is early-spring, during this time feelings of discomfort might increase as the Pterodactyls fight for dominance.

It is advised not to swim or engage in sexual intercourse while infected with Pterodactyls, both these activities can make the Pterodactyls grumpy.


There are numerous treatments for Pterodactyls.

Mild cases will generally clear themselves up when the Pterodactyls migrate south for the winter.

Pterodactyl cream is available from all good pharmacists, but might not be sufficient if the symptoms are severe.

If symptoms for Vaginal Pterodactyls persist, or become severe, then it is a good idea to speak to your local GP who may refer you to an Ornithologist.

In more extreme cases larger dinosaurs might be encouraged into the vagina, although this is not without risk (See also: Vaginal Tyrannosaurs).