Time seems nearly up for Jimmy, Mike and Hannah. Other than Lord Dilks and Mr Smith the league table has started to become predictable and it is impossible to add more games or another member as this would take the total amount of fixtures played each tournament to a ridiculous level. It was though that Baron Von Hooton joining at the Third would shake up the league but unless he practices he isn't good enough to challenge Doc Shakib, let alone Lord Dilks and Mr Smith, and too good for Captain Maltby. The soloution seems to be to replace one of the four tournament games but all players will need to agree which one. The better players are not going to want to get rid of their best games. Lord Dilks will want to keep Pete Sampras Tennis and World Cup Italia '90, while Mr Smith and Doc Shakib will prevent Sonic 2 from leaving the tournaments. This leaves only Golden Axe 2 and the pressure seems to be on to change as the tournaments risk becoming predictable and boring. Will Jimmy, Mike and Hannah still be with us at the Fifth Tournament or will they have been replaced by M.Bision, Ryu and Vega?