The end has come and the Mega Drives have been turned off for one final time. Over the years we saw many members take part in the Mega Drive Championships. Some lasted for a game, others stayed with the competitions for their entire four-year history. Here we take one final look at the players who fought 16-bit battle in an attempt to claim the ulitmate prize of Mega Drive Champion.


Mr Smith, the Sonic God, is ranked number one at the end of the Mega Drive Championships. He was at his most dominant in the early tournaments, but lost his title at the Thirteenth Tournament after a controversial game of Road Rash 2 against Lord Dilks. Mr Smith won seven of the thirteen tournaments and finished runner-up five times. He had a long running rivalry with Lord Dilks that spilled out from the game play and into the organisation of the tournaments. He was most renowned for his abilities on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, on which he achieved a thirty-three game undefeated streak, but he showed skills on a number of games and had no real weakness, in spite of being ranked second to Lord Dilks on a number of games. Although his league record was second to none, Mr Smith never scored a win in the Knockout, but reached the semi-finals twice because of byes and forfeits. Mr Smith classes Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ecco the Dolphin and Kid Chameleon among his favourite Mega Drive games.

Final Rank: 1st


Lord Dilks was the second most successful league member and the most successful in the Tournament Knockout, having won the competition twice. His first victory came against Doc Shakib on NBA Jam, while his second Knockout title came against Princess Charlene on Pete Sampras Tennis. Lord Dilks was the master of Pete Sampras Tennis and World Cup Italia '90 and only dropped points on these game to rival Mr Smith. His weaknesses were Sonic 2 and Virtua Racing. Ever since the First Tournament he and Mr Smith were rivals and scrapped it out for every Championship, with only Doc Shakib breaking their duopoly. Lord Dilks won the final tournament, taking his total number of titles to five. Lord Dilks was also the only player to have achieved the double (winning the league and knockout) which he did at the 10th Tournament. Although his skills on Pete Sampras Tennis and World Cup Italia '90 were well known in tournament circles, Lord Dilks's favourite Mega Drive games are FIFA '95 and Championship Pool.

Final Rank: 2nd


Doc Shakib was the best player on Virtua Racing, having never been defeated in four competitive games, but he also had considerable skill on Golden Axe 2 and Sonic 2. Doc Shakib is the only member outside of Mr Smith and Lord Dilks to win a Mega Drive Championships, when he won the Seventh Tournament, which was the tightest tournament of the thirteen. After that Doc Shakib slid rapidly from grace and was the first tournament member to be relegated into Division Two. Doc Shakib finished the final tournament is fourth place, behind Baron Von Hooton who beat him 2-0 on Golden Axe 2. For a long time Doc Shakib was considered the "third man", not good enough to challenge Lord Dilks and Mr Smith, but too good for Baron Von Hooton. He has a strong dislike for the Megadrive game "Batman Returns", which he describes as "depressing" and moans about the pallet being limited to use only black.

Final Rank: 3rd


Other than the three who battled in the First Mega Drive Championship, Baron Von Hooton was the longest serving tournament member. His jokes in the tournaments are so bad that they have become entwined with the championship legacy, often resulting in the call for him to "shut up". After Captain Maltby left, Baron Von Hooton became the tournament whipping boy and caused controversy when he walked out of the Sixth Tournament. When Division Two was introduced, Baron Von Hooton was expected to be relegated, but he battled hard and not only escaped the drop, but finished just six-points behind Mr Smith in runner-up spot. Baron Von Hooton successfully reached the first Knockout Final where he was beaten 3-0 by Division Two hotshot, Sir Jackaman, on European Club Soccer. He finished the final tournament in thrid-place after beating Doc Shakib 2-0 on Golden Axe 2.

Final Rank: 4th


When the league system was expanded to two divisions Sir Jackaman was the first name to be pencilled down as a potential member. He lost his first game, to Professor Mizutani, 2-1 but this was a minor blip and Sir Jackaman went on an amazing run of seven successive wins and win Division Two at a canter. He became the first member to win the Tournament Knockout, beating Lord Dilks, Private Mary and finally Baron Von Hooton, 3-0, on European Club Soccer. This was when the Sir Jackaman star started to fade. The Tenth Tournament saw him knocked out at the first round of the Knockout and struggle against the superior opposition in Division One. He failed to attend the second leg of Division One and his fixtures were forfeit resulting in his relegation. Sir Jackaman assured us that "when the tournament calls me, I'll be there" but failed to attend the Eleventh Tournament, in spite of assurances just two hours before the event. He was kicked out of the competitions.

Final Rank: 5th


Professor Mizutani was the second member to be invited to join the new Division Two at the Ninth Tournament and the last of the three new members to leave. His time with the tournaments were not very successful from a results point of view and he finished last in two of the three tournaments he battled in. The Ninth Tournament was his most successful where he finished in second, comfortably ahead of Private Mary. He finished last in the more gritty Tenth Tournament after a dip in form during his final three games. With the demise of Division Two, Professor Mizutani continued in the merged "super league" for the Eleventh Championship. Professor Mizutani's record in the lower league had been average at best and now up against the tournament elite he was at their mercy. Even though he fought hard against the opposition he failed to record a single point and scored just one goal. He resigned from the tournaments four months before the Twelfth Championship.

Final Rank: 6th


Although he is not a fan of the Mega Drive, which he describes as "boring", his favourite computer game is Goldeneye on the N64. Captain Maltby was the first person, outside the three who battled in the First Tournament, to join the Mega Drive Championships. His original stint in the tournaments lasted a little under half a year during which he achieved the unenviable statistic of finishing last in every tournament he participated in. He left at the Fifth Tournament and was awarded with a clock to celebrate his time with the tournaments and gave a moving retirement speech. Captain Maltby declined to return for the Division Two expanson, but did return to take part in the Final Tournament and give the atmosphere a huge boost, although he nearly missed the final game of the tournaments. Captain Maltby is too bad to have any strentghs, although he has scored points on Pete Sampras Tennis and Sonic 2. He hates World Cup Italia '90.

Final Rank: 7th


After both General Pink and Private Mary were kicked out of the tournaments, there were just two men left in Division Two and so Lieutenant Gareth was drafted into the Tenth Championship line-up as a temporary member so the competition could continue. After a very close fought competition he ended up winning the league with thirteen points, two ahead of Doc Shakib and three infront of Professor Mizutnai. He was unavailable for the "super league" at the Eleventh Tournament, but was invited to continue in the tournaments as a Knockout only member, but he found himself knocked out in the First Round, on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, against eventual finalist Princess Charlene. When the Knockout collapsed Lieutenant Gareth and Princess Charlene were cast into limbo. Although not a keen video game player he does have a liking for Driver on the Sony Playstation. He also had a Mega Drive as a child and was good on Road Rash, Streets of Rage and WWF Super Wrestlemania.

Final Rank: 8th


Private Mary was on of the three men who became part of the Division Two. He wasn't very successful and festered in last place for the entire tournament. With three fixtures remaining, Private Mary finally picked up some points, but four-points was not enough to take him off the bottom spot. Private Mary performed better in the Knockout and beat Professor Mizutani on Pete Sampras Tennis to setup a game agaisnt eventual Knockout winner, Sir Jackaman, on Streets fo Rage 2. Private Mary lost this game 2-1. For the Tenth Mega Drive Championship, Private Mary had been drawn against Mr Smith in round one of the Knockout, however, the game was never played. Twice the fixture was arranged and twice Private Mary failed to appear. In the end the game was forfeitted, but it was still believed Private Mary would turn up for the league fixtures... He did not and received a letter informing him of his dismissal from the tournaments. It was rumoured he might return for the final tournament, but this never happened.

Final Rank: 9th


After the collapse of Division Two there were no longer enough members to successfully make up the Tournament Knockout. So, in order to resolve this problem, two Knockout Members were introduced to the tournaments. Princess Charlene seemed an ideal choice. Round one of Eleventh Tournament Knockout placed her head-to-head with the other non-league member, Lieutenant Gareth, on Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Princess Charlene secured a comfortable 3-1 victory in the only tournament game that has featured a spectator. She went on and claimed an amazing 4-0 victory over Doc Shakib on World Cup Italia '90 and earned herself a place in the final. It was here that the wheels fell off the Princess Charlene steamroller. Against Lord Dilks on Pete Sampras Tennis she was simply blown away and was defeated by a massive, although hardly unsurprising, 6-0 scoreline. Following the Eleventh Championship the Tournament Knockout was discontinued and the Knockout Only members were removed from the Mega Drive Championships.

Final Rank: 10th


Initially General Pink was lined up as the man who would expand Division Two to a four-man competition and was also entered into the Tournament Knockout. By beating Sir Jackaman 10-6 on World Cup Italia '90 in round one of the Tenth Tournament Knockout, General Pink was all set to face Lord Dilks on Streets of Rage 2. General Pink had threatened to "kick his (Lord Dilks) arse" but the game was never played and it will forever be mused as to how badly Lord Dilks would have beaten this pretender. General Pink was removed from the Mega Drive Championships before the game could be played. On the day of Division Two he was at work and he had made no attempt to inform anybody of his change of plans. Usually members were given a second chance to redeem themselves, however, after the Private Mary fiasco, General Pink was given no leniency. He was removed from both league and knockout and was never invited to participate in another tournament.

Final Rank: 11th