"Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the latest tournament, as I will be
otherwise engaged. My absence is regrettable, yet unavoidable. I do, however,
look forward to competing in another tournament at a later date."
- Professor Mizutani

Professor Mizutani delivered a bombshell to the Megadrive Championships as he announced his resignation from the Twelfth Tournament. The departure of Professor Mizutani marks the end of an era for he was the last of those who battled in the origianl Division Two, way back in April 2002. Division Two collapsed after the Tenth Tournament, but Professor Mizutani chose to remain as part of the Megadrive Championships. Only four men remain involved in the league competition, which will take place this summer, and will be the lowest number of participants since the Eighth Tournament of January 2002. The question that has to be answered is how well the Championships shall hold together without the fifth member? This question is especially true for the Tournament Knockout, which struggled to finish last time round. Professor Mizutani has certainly become a valuable part of the tournaments and his resignation has sent shockwaves through all those involved. Yet Professor Mizutani did not rule out a possible return and it is hoped that he will rejoin the Mega Drive Championships again in the future. Until that day arrives all the tournaments lads (past and present) wish him well.

DOC SHAKIB: "Obviously I'm sorry to see him go... I wish him the best and hope he's back soon."
LIEUTENANT GARETH: "He'll be greatly missed."
LORD DILKS: "Nothing fixes something so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it. Professor Mizutani however, like Captain Maltby before him, will not be forgotten, nor should we ever wish he be so, yet he will always live in tournament legacy and memory. I hope he will return one day."
MR SMITH: "Professor Mizutani has become an important part of the tournaments and it will be painful for us all to see him go."
PRIVATE MARY: "He was always tough to read, so strong and silent i guess. The pure brainpower was too much to overcome."