Sir Jackaman won promotion from Division Two at the Ninth Mega Drive Championship. Ordinarily beating Professor Mizutani and Private Mary to achieve promotion would not raise an eyebrow, but it was the manner of victory that made Sir Jackaman stand out. He lost his first ever tournament game on European Club Soccer to Professor Mizutani, but after that defeat he stormed the league. Sir Jackaman won his remaining seven fixtures and earned promotion to Division One. The league was not the only place Sir Jackaman impressed. He became the first Knockout winner when he beat Baron Von Hooton 3-0 on European Club Soccer, but arguably his most difficult game in the knockout was beating Lord Dilks on Virtua Racing. Sir Jackaman was seen as a Knockout underdog, but beating the three-times Champion and Division One veteran has certainly caused some of the established tournament elite to raise their eyebrows, as the underdog look to face them on a level playing field at the Tenth Tournament.

So, with a virtually undefeated record so far, how will the Knockout winner fare in Division One? The tournament romantic (nobody) will perhaps say that Sir Jackaman has already scored wins against two of his top flight opponents; Baron Von Hooton on European Club Soccer and Lord Dilks on Virtua Racing and, although European Club Soccer is not used in Division One, the convincing nature of the victory is a sign that Sir Jackaman might just be a natural on the Mega Drive. They would think that he might throw the competition wide open and, when Doc Shakib returns to Division One, setup a four-man race for the title. The tournament realist will probably point out that Division One will be tough and Baron Von Hooton, Lord Dilks and Mr Smith all have a lot of experience at that level, with Lord Dilks and Mr Smith nigh unbeatable. Sir Jackaman should be able to finish ahead of Baron Von Hooton in a relegation battle, but it would take a lot to bridge the gap between the bottom two and the Two Tournament Titans of Lord Dilks and Mr Smith. The tournament pessimist might suggest that Sir Jackaman secured his title against Professor Mizutani and Private Mary and his Knockout successes were on games that his opponents are not very good at. Although Doc Shakib's relegation at the Ninth Tournament was a shakeup of the predictability that has haunted the tournaments since their creation, a Mr Smith, Lord Dilks, Baron Von Hooton and Sir Jackaman finish is inevitable.

Whatever the eventual outcome, a fresh face in Division One will be a welcome distraction and for Sir Jackaman he has a reputation to cement and a Knockout to defend. The future is looking better with each tournament.