Lord Dilks was never going to find a game on Pete Sampras Tennis a challenge. Having only lost two games out of thirty it was a safe assumption which of the two competitors would claim the 11th Tournament Knockout. Princess Charlene, for her part, put up a brave fight and although it wasn't quite the whitewash Lord Dilks gave Sir Jackaman in the 10th Championships, the scoreline goes to show just how one sided this match was.

Lord Dilks started off with an ace and from that point onwards he never looked back. He quickly won the first game without dropping a point. There was a fair amount of rallying taking place, but in truth Princess Charlene failed to keep up with the pace and Lord Dilks swept into a comfortable 5-0 lead. In the final set the points remained close and eventually they arrived at deuce, but after a long and scrappy couple of minutes, Lord Dilks claimed his second successive Knockout title.

After being dubbed as the Knockout Winner for the Eleventh Tournament, Lord Dilks was asked "Are you proud of winning?" To which he responded, "I am proud for many reasons." He failed to divulge further.