The state of Division Two had made the tournaments grind to a halt. With General Pink and Private Mary excluded and Lieutenant Gareth otherwise engaged, the tournaments have been on hold until a suitable third member could be found for Division Two. Things are about to change and an idea has been proposed that will revolutionise how the tournaments are run. While talk of merging Divisions One and Two had been around, with six members (Baron Von Hooton, Doc Shakib, Lord Dilks, Mr Smith, Professor Mizutani and Sir Jackaman) battling the number of fixtures per tournament would increase to sixty and require a number of legs to see it completed, making the merger idea completely unworkable.

Predictability still hangs over the tournaments with the results on Pete Sampras Tennis, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Virtua Racing and World Cup Italia '90 known before the games have been played. Lord Dilks has been a critic of the game NHLPA Hockey '93 and is putting severe pressure on the other Founding Fathers to have this game removed. His view is that the game is based upon luck and not skill and the tactic of whacking the puck at the goal in the hope the goalie fumbles it to score on the rebound is not the type of game that should be played. He has offered a compromise to his opponents by saying he will be happy for the game to continue in Division Two, but not in Division One. Lord Dilks's biggest opponent has been Mr Smith who doesn't believe taking out the most unpredictable game in the tournament will help the problem of predictability and fears this could be a step back to the dark days of static tournaments. Doc Shakib has remained neutral on this issue leaving Lord Dilks and Mr Smith to argue over the pros and cons of having such a game in the tournaments.

That was before the "Super League" idea came to pass. The two divisions will be merged and a new draw system will change how the tournament games are drawn. Instead of each member playing the others over four randomly selected titles, each member will play the others twice on two games drawn randomly from a game pool. The idea basically takes the draw system for the Knockout and uses it in the league. Yet this new draw system, dubbed the "home and away system" will also allow NHLPA Hockey '93 to be dropped from the game pool and in its place both Micro Machines '96 and Road Rash 2 will be added from the old Division Two game pool giving a total of eight games for the Eleventh Mega Drive Championship.