It has been decided that the Thirteenth Mega Drive Championship will be the last tournament. When the tournaments started in 2001 things were much easier to arrange as all the members were in college. Now, however, times have changed and the four core members have moved on with their lives making organising each tournament more and more difficult.

The biggest problem the tournaments have had since their early days is predictability. Many attempts were made to address this, including more random game selections, new members and a Second Division, however, none of these things have worked out. Division Two collapsed after the Tenth Tournament, the Tournament Knockout lasted just one tournament longer and of the three members who took part in Division Two, all were gone by the Twelfth Tournament. The simple fact that the Twelfth Championship league table paralleled the Eighth Tournament (the one before Division Two was introduced) proving that all the efforts to change the tournaments had failed. Although we will end the tournaments with a heavy heart it is necessary for a series of competitions that have continued in spite of great adversity.

It is hoped that the Thirteenth Mega Drive Championship will end the legacy with a bang and not a whimper and that the fixtures will be exciting enough so we end our competitions on a high. Who will lift the trophy for the final time to be the last Mega Drive Champion? I guess it doesn't matter so much as enjoying the atmosphere, purity and coffee for one final time.