We didn't have any plans to have a Second Tournament, but the First was so full of purity that we really had no choice. How did the Mega Drive Tournament happen? Well it started off with Doc Shakib having an idea to challenge his friend Mr Smith to a race on Sonic 2 to see which of them was best. This was December 2000 and when both men would engage in some pure 16-bit gaming during their free periods. Mr Smith expanded the idea to a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 knockout with four players battling in round one, the winners going on to play in the Mystic Cave and the losers in the Casino Night. Their friend Lord Dilks was invited to be the third member of the Sonic 2 race competition, however, he took the idea to the next level by suggesting a triangular tournament on World Cup Italia '90 to run alongside the Sonic 2 competition. It was decided to have a tournament on both Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and World Cup Italia '90 and that three-points would be given for a win and one for a draw. It was not until the day itself that Golden Axe was added. The night before the event Mr Smith's Mega Drive broke and there were fears the tournament would be cancelled, but Doc Shakib offered his and the tournament continued. Lord Dilks and Doc Shakib played the first ever tournament game while Mr Smith typed up the fixtures on his computer. The game was on World Cup Italia '90 and Lord Dilks crushed Doc Shakib 16-1. The second game was the race on Sonic 2 we had all been waiting for and Mr Smith battered Doc Shakib 8-0. This is how the Mega Drive Tournament happened. Mr Smith was the winner and Lord Dilks and Doc Shakib will try and beat him at the Second Tournament which will be happening very soon.