2017 Mega Drive Championship Announced

23 March 2017

On 31st July 2016, twelve incredible warriors duelled over ten epic Mega Drive titles with the hope of clasping the venerated Tournament Trophy. On 2nd September 2007, five heroic Irishmen travelled to England to claim glory in the first International Mega Drive event. On 6th August 2017, we pay homage to the 5 fabled Irish legends and their incredible journey 10-years ago. Yet the title of Mega Drive Champion belongs to Jay Townsend, it is his to defend, as the tables are cleared and the battle will rage once more.

The greatest 16-bit spectacle on earth returns to the UK's National Videogame Arcade this August. Last year participants were met with an awesome array of the finest Mega Drive games and carefully crafted winning conditions designed to push their controller abilities to the limits; 1-player challenges, 2-player head-to-head duels and intense group battles where everybody else is out for blood.

2017 will see a fresh array of fiendish titles for the challengers, no Mega Drive game is ruled out of making this years' line up (except Ball Jacks and Golden Axe's 1 and 2) and no game is considered sacrosanct. Our members, via Facebook, selected Super Street Fighter 2, Mega Bomberman and Virtua Racing as their preferred choices to return for 2017. But what trials and challenges will await this year and how will homage be paid to the 10-year anniversary of the Anglo-Irish Tournament, surely Star Control and Brian Lara Cricket cannot be realistic additions?

So, dust off the controller, and be ready to test yourself in the arena of videogame history, as those retro games of yesteryear make a further explosive outing. No online gaming, no save states, no help menus, just non-stop, button pumping, 16-bit action. We prepare for another round of pride, passion, purity and (possibly) Pete Sampras Tennis.

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