Plans are underway for a second Mega Drive Tournament. Doc Shakib and Lord Dilks are eager to battle Mr Smith for the title once more. It is hoped that a fourth member will join the trio who took part in the First Tournament. But there is also the issue of games to consider. Golden Axe, Sonic 2 and World Cup Italia '90 were used in the First Tournament and with plans for the Second Tournament to be "longer and more erotic" a number of Mega Drive games have been suggested to be used at the next tournament.

Golden Axe 2 would replace the first Golden Axe game. Jimmy, Mike and Hannah return once again to claim the Golden Axe. This would be an uncotroversial choice, as Golden Axe produced the best game at the First Tournament when Doc Shakib won 1-0 against Mr Smith and the two games aren't too different.

Streets of Rage 2 is also a contender to replace Golden Axe. It is more fun than Golden Axe and has four characters, one extra than Golden Axe, but not got that classic arcade feel. Will this be a contender?

European Club Soccer might also become a tournament game. It has won the approval of Mr Smith, but Doc Shakib and Lord Dilks favour FIFA '95, but will Lord Dilks sacrifice his best game from the First Tournament and replace World Cup Italia with another football game?

Pete Sampras Tennis is another sports game that might replace World Cup Italia '90. It is quicker and much more fun than the old football game and would be very welcome in the tournaments.

Sonic 3 is also being thought about as a possible replacement to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sonic three has an extra character, but the game play is much simpler and might take the tournaments to a lower standard.

Eternal Champions and Virtua Racing have also been suggested. One is a fighting game and one is a racing game, but neither of these games seem likely to make the grade. We already have a fighting game in the tournament, but although it isn't very popular Virtua Racing might possibly be added as a fourth tournament game.