Tonight there is a new Mega Drive Champion. Lord Dilks was crowned winner of the Second "two-day" Tournament. There were improvements over the original Mega Drive Championship with a new game and member to the line-up. There was a lot of discussion about potential changes to the tournament games, but in the end the only change was the addition of Pete Sampras Tennis and the barely noticeable change of Golden Axe 1 to Golden Axe 2. Mega Drive favourites Sonic 2 and World Cup Italia '90 remained, although Sonic 2 saw the Special Stages removed and members battled in the Emerald Hill, Casino Night and Mystic Cave zones. There was also a further member to compliment the original Mega Drive members. Captain Maltby, a close friend of Mr Smith, who claimed to have never really played the Mega Drive, much preferring the N64. The coffee was plentiful and the purity immense, so much so that on the second-day, Captain Maltby, a tea drinker, switched to enjoy a bean based beverage. Captain Maltby’s inexperience told and he finished in last place, winning just one game of Pete Sampras Tennis and drawing a game on Sonic 2. Doc Shakib finished in third place for the second successive time. But it was Lord Dilks who took the title from defending Champion Mr Smith. Although technically, Mr Smith could have still won the tournament with the last game, a victory against Lord Dilks on World Cup Italia ’90 was unlikely and the 11-goal winning margin required was even less likely. Crucial to Lord Dilks’s Championship victory was Mr Smith’s inability to adapt to the newly introduced Pete Sampras Tennis and a crucial victory against his rival in Game 18 on Golden Axe 2, which Lord Dilks won 2-0. Lord Dilks continued to show himself as the most gifted World Cup Italia '90, stretching his undefeated run to five-games. Mr Smith showed a similar dominance on Sonic 2 and also remains undefeated in five-games. Lord Dilks shows the most promise on Pete Sampras Tennis, being the only member to win all his games. Meanwhile, nobody has yet established themselves on Golden Axe 2.