The Fifth Tournament saw the retirement of Captain Maltby. While some would say Captain Maltby left because he hated the Mega Drive, especially World Cup Italia '90. Others would say he was tired of being the tournament whipping boy with just two wins and two draws in four tournaments. It isn't certain whether the four tournament members will now be searching for a new member to join the competition, but the tournaments are in desparate need of freshening up. The entire atmosphere and results have become stale and Captain Maltby's withdrawal is a caution for all the current members that the tournaments are on the brink and something new is need for the Sixth Tournament.

The best idea seems to be to take the Mega Drive Championships on tour. The first suggestion has been to move the tournament from Nottingham to Hull. Unusually, it is Mr Smith and Lord Dilks who are most positive about the tournaments on tour. Baron Von Hooton seems very against moving the location of the tournaments from the Theatre of Dreams and Doc Shakib is also dismissive. Nobody is sure why Hull, as Hull is a shithole whose football team has never played in the top flight, but there have been no other suggestions. Even now, this idea seems a bit farfetched and it might cause further resignations among the tournament members, but there is a chance to market the Sixth Championship in a different city.

Moving the location of the tournament seems a little bit desparate, but these are desparate times and other changes have been constantly thwarted. Changing the games used might spice things up, however, there is no guarantee that this will alter the current predictability of the league table, and the better members must be prepared to negotiate their advantages - it is unlikely Mr Smith will surrender Sonic 2 without Lord Dilks giving up one of Pete Sampras Tennis or World Cup Italia '90. All the members, except Lord Dilks, would probably be very happy to see World Cup Italia '90 gone. But there is nothing but deadlock among the members. Things are looking bleak for the Mega Drive Championships.