Lord Dilks is the Mega Drive Champion, Doc Shakib is relegated to Division Two and Sir Jackaman is promoted to Division One. With the league all finished we ask who will win the first Tournament Knockout? With one semi-final game and the grand final set to be played on the same day, one of three men will be dubbed the First Knockout Winner. Two fixtures remain, however, Baron Von Hooton will only have to play one, as he reached the final by beating Mr Smith in a shock result on Golden Axe 2, an amazing 5-0 was the score. Baron Von Hooton is the favourite to win the competition, however, his opponent will be a Division Two member, with both Private Mary and Sir Jackaman ready to go head-to-head on Streets of Rage 2, and both Private Mary and Sir Jackaman have league experience on the final game European Club Soccer. Although his Mega Drive experience still makes Baron Von Hooton the slight favourite, we cannot rule out either Private Mary or Sir Jackaman causing an upset in the final.

The Knockout so far....

Round 1: Baron Von Hooton Vs Doc Shakib - NBA Jam
Doc Shakib had never played NBA Jam before, but he put in a good effort against a man who played this game a lot when he was younger. Baron Von Hooton was always going to win, but would probably have liked to claim the victory by a bigger margin. 45-33 was the final score that took Baron Von Hooton into the semi-finals

Round 1: Sir Jackaman Vs Lord Dilks - Virtua Racing
Sir Jackaman pulled off the shock of the knockout when he beat Mega Drive Champion, Lord Dilks, on Division One game Virtua Racing. Lord Dilks was unable to keep the pace with his Division Two opponent and Sir Jackaman was able to win the game comfortably.

Round 1: Private Mary Vs Professor Mizutani - Pete Sampras Tennis
Division Two rivals Private Mary and Professor Mizutani were drawn together on this Division One title. The game was tight, but while Professor Mizutani gave the better league performances, Private Mary was able to get his revenge in the Knockout and win 6-4.

Semi-Final: Baron Von Hooton Vs Mr Smith - Golden Axe 2
In another big shock, Baron Von Hooton was able to beat Mr Smith on Golden Axe 2. Mr Smith had been given a bye to the semi-finals having been the Mega Drive Champion at the Eighth Tournament. Baron Von Hooton had previous beat Mr Smith 2-0 on Golden Axe 2 at the Fourth Tournament, but the 5-0 win was Baron Von Hooton's biggest victory against Mr Smith and booked him his place in the first knockout final.

The rest of the Knockout:

Semi-Final: Private Mary Vs Sir Jackaman - Streets of Rage 2
Sir Jackaman won the Second Division at the Ninth Tournament, while Private Mary finished last. Streets of Rage 2 wasn't drawn as a Division Two game at the Ninth Tournament, however, on pure Mega Drive adaptability, Sir Jackaman has to be the favourite to reach the final.

Final: Baron Von Hooton Vs ??? - European Club Soccer
Both Private Mary and Sir Jackaman have experience on Division Two game European Club Soccer and this will be to their advantage. Baron Von Hooton's Division One status should be enough to see him win the first Knockout, but the competition has already produced a number of shocks...