Sir Jackaman is the Knockout Winner! He thrashed Division One member Baron Von Hooton on Division Two game European Club Soccer, to win the first ever Tournament Knockout. Baron Von Hooton had been considered the favourite even though he was playing on a Division Two game, on which Sir Jackaman would have had more experience. Yet it was an amazing three-nil thrashing that gave Sir Jackaman his title.

Semi-Final: Private Mary Vs Sir Jackaman - Streets of Rage 2
While Streets of Rage 2 is a Division Two game, it was not selected in Division Two meaning that neither Sir Jackaman or Private Mary had any professional experience on this game. Sir Jackaman had won Division Two while Private Mary finished last, making Sir Jackaman the favourite. However, it was Private Mary who won the first round, but Sir Jackaman won the next two to book his place in the final and eliminate Private Mary from the competition.

Final: Baron Von Hooton Vs Sir Jackaman - Streets of Rage 2
Although the final game was European Club Soccer, which is used in Division Two, Baron Von Hooton's overall Mega Drive experience was expected to be enough for him to win the first Tournament Knockout. Sir Jackaman wasn't even the best ranked Division Two member on this game, having been beaten by Professor Mizutani in the Division Two battle. Both men struggled to gain any sort of advantage, but it was Sir Jackaman who won the game with a 3-0 score. Both men will go head-to-head in Division One at the next tournament with the price for failure probably relegation and if this was a preview of the future, the Tenth Tournament is going to be the most exciting to date.

Private Mary lost in the semi-finals

Sir Jackaman and Baron Von Hooton in the final

Getting more serious in the second half

Sir Jackaman is the knockout winner