In what could cause a crisis in tournament circles, Mr Smith has acted alone in a decision which will effectively cancel the tournament knockout. Although it is unlikely that the other founding fathers will disagree with Mr Smith's decision, the tournament host has declared it is too difficult to organise the event and is not prepared to host it for another tournament. While Mr Smith's decision doesn't directly cancel the competition, the other founding fathers will need to come up with another venue to stage the competition, and this seems unlikely. There is no chance that the House of Shakib will be used as a venue, leaving just Dilks Towers as a possible venue. It is also unclear whether Mr Smith will support the Knockout in a different venue.

When the Tournament Knockout was introduced, the Mega Drive Championships stood on the brink of a new dawn. We had split to 2 divisions and the Knockout gave the lower league members the opportunity to battle (and beat) their must illustrious higher division counterparts. Now division 2 has collapsed and Professor Mizutani has signalled his intention to leave, a Knockout of four people (who will play each other in the league anyway) seems stupid. The game draw system at the Ninth Tournament used the Baron Von Hooton draw system where games for each tournament were drawn in bulk, however, now each individual fixture is drawn seperately and there is a greater game variety. The fact the Knockout finished in January when the league finished in 1-day in July... there is just no point.

In an attempt to compromise with the other founding fathers and avoid any backlash, Mr Smith has put forward a "mini-knockout" suggestion. That will harness the awesome power of Super Street Fighter 2 and see the four members of the Twelfth Tournament play a Street Fighter knockout before the league competition begins. Lord Dilks appears lukewarm to the suggestion and has dismissed it as a nothing more than a friendly or warm-up. Baron Von Hooton has been more encouraging, in spite of being the worst Street Fighter player of the four. Doc Shakib has not given any indication of his position.




Eleventh Tournament:

Lord Dilks

Princess Charlene

Tenth Tournament

Lord Dilks

Doc Shakib

Ninth Tournament

Sir Jackaman

Baron Von Hooton

Competition Did Not Exisit