The First Mega Drive Championship (South West)

20 February 2016

The Mega Drive continues to defy its age and show just why 16-bit gaming remains timeless... on Sunday 3 April 2016, a retro store in Bristol will host the First (South West) Mega Drive Championship.

2016 is shaping up to be a good year for 16-bit gaming. Preperations are underway for a revival of the Mega Drive Championships in Nottingham, which have been dormant since 2013, but pre-dating that will be the first Mega Drive tournament in the South West, being held in Bristol. Sunday 3 April is the date to write in the diaries and on Sonic the Hedgehog, Bio Shock, Street Fighter 2, Mega Bomberman and Micro Machines, these classics will be the titles in which the first South West Mega Drive Champion shall be decided. Book the day off work, convert to a religion that allows Sunday video-gaming, leave your family in a field... let the games begin!

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