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Kid Chameleon Editor


12th August 2013

It has been fourteen months since the first battle, but now Nuno Cunha rallies the troops for a second bout of Mega Drive battle in Braga.

After the excellent feedback obtained from the First Mega Drive Championship of Braga in 2012, the team of Portuguese website "Não Percas" returns with another initiative entirely dedicated to the world of the 16-bit ! This time, the tournament will take place at the University of Minho in Braga on Saturday 28th September at 3pm. This will be the meeting point for fans of the well known console from the '90s! To reach the podium, the players must play a range of classic games that will certainly bring good memories! The games are: Mortal Kombat, Road Roash II, Micro Machines, FIFA International Soccer and Eternal Champions!

Parallel to the main tournament there will be a challenge (like last year) called "the Visitor's Challenge", a free competition open to all our visitors and where they will be able to win several prizes!

More information about the event itself can be found on http://www.naopercas.com. If you live in Portugal, do not miss it!