2018 Mega Drive Championship Announced

21 January 2017

The 2017 Mega Drive Championship boasted some of the most incredible Mega Drive games the console produced: participants danced over the bridge in Streets of Rage, grabbed rings in the Green Hill Zone and went into head-to-head fights in the arenas of the future. The Mega Drive Championships are, therefore, proud to announce:

Expect an epic array of 16-bit titles allowing participants to soak in the nostalgia of retrogaming: no help screens, no internet connection, no saves. Constant button mashing awesome from the archives of gaming.

No experience is required, just a desire to relive those classic moments of yesteryear and become part of a long and eccentric history of the Mega Drive Championships. To remember a time When videogames were not bogged down with tedious stories, lengthy cut scenes and simply running from left to right was usually enough to do well.

If you believe your skills mighty, the day of enjoying classic games is framed as a tournament and you could try to challenge Jay Townsend, who is looking to claim his third successive title. If you just want to soak up the atmosphere in the hallowed halls of Nottingham's National Videogame Arcade, then come along and pick up a controller. Sunday 5 August 2018 will see the consoles switched on, the TV's light up and the volume quickly muted. Another incredible retrogame experience is set to start.

Contact: admin@megadrivechamps.org

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