The Mega Drive Championships

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The Mega Drive Championships

Since 2001 Mega Drive competitions have been held on Sega's classic console the Sega Mega Drive. In a celebration of some of the greatest games of its era, on the greatest console of its generation, players come together to pay homage to 16-bit gaming. Each year offers a different array of games and challenges for the participants to grapple with. Pride, passion and (sometimes) Pete Sampras Tennis!

For nearly 20-years, The Mega Drive Championships captivated the minds and ambitions of its participants. The tournaments expanded across the globe to become an International series of events, which, at their peak, saw competitions held on three different continents! History was made in 2007 when, in a monumental moment, a team from Ireland travelled to face a team in England in the awesome Anglo-Irish Mega Drive Tournament. European Mega Drive Championships were held for the following 3-years, as teams from different European nations met to determine which country boasted the most elite Mega Drive athletes.

On the finest video games produced in the 16-bit era the battles are fought: the treacherous platforms of the epic Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the mean arenas in Streets of Rage, the bitter and gruelling duels of Golden Axe, the colourful confusion of Columns, the perilous drops of Micro Machines and the heavy button bashing of Street Fighter 2, where the wrong move is the difference between victory or defeat.

Pick up that controller and dive into that nostalgia. Remember games without help menus, save states or an Internet connection! The competitions are wide and the challenge is incredible. Enjoy 16-bit retro gaming at its most extreme. Be a Mega Drive Champion!


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