For the past 10-years have been affiliated with various clients wishing to increase their profiles by advertising on our website.

The domain has been live for over 13-years and in that time, in spite of our niche content, we have established ourselves as the leading content provider for retro 16-bit gaming. We have an extensive content spanning hundreds of pages and still organise contests across the world attracting dozen of hardened retro gamers. Gaming is at the core of our organisation as we look to keep the passion of 16-bit retro gaming alive.

With hundreds of unique views every week, we sell advertising space on our website for as little as $25 per month. We are prepared to consider an array of advertising methods and, although most clients prefer text link adverts, we have previously had graphic banners and articles depending upon the client's needs.

We also host an array of competitions, which we welcome affiliation with individual events. These take place around the year, in different countries, and possess advertising opportunities beyond the Internet, with tournaments often receiving coverage in local newspapers, as well as the word of mouth of the individual competition members. We also boast a presence on most social media websites to increase our own reputation.

To purchase advertising space on our website, to affiliate your business with an individual competition, to discuss your business needs generally, or for further information about the products and services we offer, please e-mail us at


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