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Mega Drive Championship Article Archive 2008 -2009

Listed chronologically, Mega Drive Championship articles from the years 2008 and 2009. A period of solid growth for tournaments, which saw the Mega Drive Championships expand from Europe to the Americas. Tournaments in Brazil and the United States complimented the European competitions in Germany, Portugal and the UK. International Mega Drive Championshippery established itself in this period with tournaments in Nottingham and Lisbon hosting competitors from across Europe. Each page in the archive retains it historic design and shows the evolution of the tournaments and the website over time.

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Twenty-First English Mega Drive Championship Preview

The Twenty-First English Mega Drive Championship is looming large. With less than a month until the event we take a look at the changes that will be made from the Twenieth, the members we expect will participate and be playing for the honour of becoming Champion and the Challenge competition- which, this tournament, will be on the classic arcade motorbike racer: Super Hang On.

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The Gamesboro Georgia Genesis Cup

Following on from the Gamesboro Cup in 2008, Sidney Britt Bottoms took his competitions to the next level and, for 2009, the competition was extended to the entire state of Gerogia. The tournament was contested by five teams on six pre-determined games. Mega Drive or Genesis Championshipary arrives in the United States!

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2009 European Mega Drive Championship: English Perspective

Portugal were the host nations for the European Mega Drive Championship. Here is the English persepective; the tale of the three men who ventured across the sea, to Lisbon, to represent England on the Mega Drive in the only greatest 16-bit event on Earth. Will England rise to the challenge or will they do, as in previous International competitions, and whimper into a last place finish?

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Twentieth English Mega Drive Championship Review

Make sure those kettles are boiling, here is the latest installment of 16-bit competition awesomeness from England. Fourteen members battling in two divisions across four Mega Drive. There can only be one Champion. Doc Shakib defends his title in the Twentieth Mega Drive Championship, the pinnacle of tournament purity to date.

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Eleventh Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

Dário Pelixo will be looking for his thrid tournament title, with the 2009 European Mega Drive Championship looming large, the Eleventh Tournament was the last opportunity for members to qualify for Team Portugal. Fourteen members took place in the race to become the eleventh Portuguese Mega Drive Champion.

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Portugal's Race for Europe 2009

The race to qualify for Team Portugal for the 2009 European Mega Drive Championship has reached fever point! Eight members will achieve a place in one final qualification competition, which members are in line to make the grade and which face an uphill struggled when the final chance to qualify arrives in July.

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First German Mega Drive Championship Review

Eight men gathered to battle for First German Mega Drive Championship. Not only is the honour of being dubbed Germany's Premier Mega Drive player on the cards, but the top three ranked members will qualify to represent Germany in the 2009 European Mega Drive Championship, in October, in Lisbon.

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A to Z of Games used in England

There are twenty games used in the game pools of the English domestic leagues. Different titles are used in both divisions and are selected based upon their skill level and genere it is believed this method promotes both skill and enjoyability. Having battled in many tournaments and claiming not to enjoy the Mega Drive, our resident "expert" Captain Maltby offers insight.

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Tenth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

The second of three tournaments from which the points accumulated go towards selecting Team Portugal in the 2009 European Mega Drive Championship. Ferdinand Menéndez would qualify for the qualifying tournament, but who would join him? Winning this title would secure another place in the qualifying competition, but every point counts as the battle to represent Portugal intensifies.

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Mega Drive Championshipary to Arrive in Germany

Inspired by the European Mega Drive competition that took place in Nottingham, England, in 2008. The three man team who represented Germany have decided to create a domestic German tournament. These three have extend an open invite to their countrymen to do battle with them in the 16-bit arena of awesome.

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Twentieth Tournament Challenge Game: Golden Axe 3

Each Mega Drive Championship the game used in the Challenge competition changes. Elitserien '96 was used at the Eighteenth Tournament and provided an awesome team game competition, the Nineteenth saw members sprint across the Green Hill Zone Act 1 in Sonic the Hedgehog, while the Twentieth Mega Drive Championship will see members duel on the Aisa only released Golden Axe III...

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Old Spice Lock: Tournamental Tribute

After five tournaments, forty-eight games, eight points, seventeen goals scored, one-hundred and forty-two conceeded and three wins, Old Spice Lock decided to hang up his controller. With the exception of his last tournament (in which forfeits were factored into the league table) Old Spice Lock had finished bottom at every Championship he battled in. Join us as we reflect upon the man who made a legacy in the contests by simply being crap.

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Ninth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

The first of three Mega Drive Championships in which the best eight rank players would advance to a qualification tournament to determine which members would represent Team Portugal, as they aim to defend their title, at the 2009 European Mega Drive Championship. Arsénio Ferraz was the defending his title after somehow winning the Eighth, here he would be under immese pressure from better players.

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Nineteenth English Mega Drive Championship Review

Eight years to the day since the First Mega Drive Championship, twelve people assembled to compete in the latest bout of friendly 16-bit hostilities. This was anticipated to be the most intense competition in tournament history with Lord Dilks retiring after the last competition, all five Division One members, on paper, in with a shout of winning the event and equally, each risks the spectre of relegation.

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The Changing Face of English Mega Drive Championshipary

It has been eight-years since the First Mega Drive Championship was contested between three college students. Four years later it was decided to end the competitions following the Thirteenth Tournament, but the competitions suvrivied and we look at the contrast and the changes that have occured between the Thirteenth and looming Nineteenth Mega Drive championships.

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Founding Father Lord Dilks leaves the Mega Drive Championships

After eighteen tournaments, eight championship titles, two knockout and three challenge wins, Lord Dilks hangs up his controller. At the time of his retirement he was ranked #1 of those battling in the Mega Drive Championships, his finale came in the 2008 European Mega Drive Championship where he made up one third of the Team England side that limped into last place.

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Eighth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

With less than a month before the 2008 European Mega Drive Championships, the three representing Portugal would take this opportunity to prepare for their first forray into Europe. Would Dário Pelixo be able to fend off his challengers to remain Mega Drive Champion? Or would he find himself defeated and his crown being passed to another?

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First Brazilian Mega Drive Championship Review

Pride, passion and hot 16-bit action reach South Ameria, as Brazil became the first non-European nation to establish a Mega Drive Championship. Born from the Do Além competitions, nine members gathered to try and claim the first, of what will hopefully be many, Mega Drive competition on the South American continent.

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Eighteenth English Mega Drive Championship Review

The 18th Mega Drive Championship was eagerly anticipated for a number of reasons; firstly, tournament icon Lord Dilks decided it was time to hang up his controller and, secondly, the revamped Challenge competition that would see the old style Street Fighter/Eternal Champions knockout completely altered. Add to those two leagues, relegation, promotion a knockout, buffet and inexhaustible supply of caffeine and we have one hell of an event!

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Seventh Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

Fifteen people gather together to contest the latest of Portugal's Mega Drive Championships. David Magueijo is the defending champion, having beaten Ferdinand Menéndez in a not-so-epic World Cup Italia '90 final. This time Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition shall be used to determine the final outcome, but which member will survive three stages of tough competition to be crowned the Mega Drive Champion?

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History of the Portuguese Mega Drive Championships

Six Mega Drive Championships have been contested in Portugal since the establishment of the competitions in 2005. Here we take a brief look at the past Portuguese tournaments; the winners, the heroes and the losers from the past three-years and await further 16-bit glorious battle this February, when the Seventh Mega Drive Championship will take place.

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