Listed chronologically, Mega Drive Championship articles from 2005 and 2007. A period of growth for the Mega Drive Championships that saw the emergence of International Mega Drive Championshippery emerge with the Anglo-Irish Tournament of 2007. Domestically, England saw a re-birth of their competitions, while Portugal established their own domestic competition in early 2005.

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The Anglo-Irish Mega Drive Tournament

On Sunday 2nd September 2007, history was made as Team Ireland came to Nottingham to battle Team England on the Mega Drive. This was the first International Mega Drive Tournament. The day was awesome as the two teams of five battled to claim the Champions Shield. Both teams gave a good account of why 16-bit gaming endures, but the winners were Team Ireland.

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Games of the English Mega Drive Championships

Unlike Portugal, the English game system is more rigid. Games are selected from "pools" that have been chosen by the Tournament Administration. Each pool is selected based upon the games skill level and enjoyability, trying to encompass as many different genres as possible. Only when a member can master all ten Division One games are they ready to be crowned Champion.

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Sixth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

After being beaten in the final last time, the "invincible" Jorge Esteves will be wanting to set the record straight with Alberto Campos. In a twist to the tournaments, members have the opportunity to select which Mega Drive games they wish to play, with more points awarded for an "away" win than a "home" one. The time for battle has once again returned, which of the twenty members will be crowned Champion?

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Seventeenth English Mega Drive Championship Review

Doc Shakib looks to defend his title against an increasing array of competitiors. Tournament Titan, Lord Dilks, will be looking to extract revenge following a second place finish 16th Tournament while Commander Graham, promoted last time, enters the fray. Captain Maltby and Lieutenant Gareth will also be in the thick of the fight, although one will also be relegated into Division Two. The Knockout and Challenge also await...

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A History of the English Mega Drive Championships (Part Four)

The modern era of the Mega Drive Championships saw the rise of the Tournament Administration and the competitions changed from a series of casual occurances into noteable events. A new venue, trophies, coffee increased the passion and purity we had all come to expect from the Mega Drive Championships. The tournaments just keep getting better!

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A History of the English Mega Drive Championships (Part Three)

The Third Era of the Mega Drive Championships saw the competitions finally reach something that resembled the modern Mega Drive Tournament today. The home and away draw system was the change that made the most difference to the competitions, however, the recent failures of the Tenth Tournament hung heavy over this period of Tournament History.

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A History of the English Mega Drive Championships (Part Two)

With the introduction of a draw system, the Mega Drive Championships entered what is widely regarded as a new era. Although the changes were nominal they preserved a competition that had been on the brink of collapse. Experiements with the format of the tournaments gave rise to a Second Division and the Tournament Knockout, however, both these projects ended up failing.

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A History of the English Mega Drive Championships (Part One)

The First Part of Tournament history looks at the First to Sixth Mega Drive Championships. These "early" tournaments featured just a handful of members and a rigid fixture system. With predictability dogging the tournaments, the same games repeated over and over again and nobody willing to change the system, lest they lose their advantage, disaster was always looming.

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Fifth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

Jorge Esteves returns to the Mega Drive Championships to find a pretender on his throne. Filipe Semião won the Fourth Tournament in Jorge's absence, so now the pair will battle alongside Alberto Campos, Fátima Campos, Flávio Esteves, Orlando Silva and Tiago Pedro, each one vying for the ulitmate prize; to become the Mega Drive Champion.

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Mr Smith, Tournament Titan and Founding Father, Retires

For Sixteen Mega Drive Championships Mr Smith has battled at the top. His elite career, however, is now over and he waves goodbye to domestic Mega Drive Championshipary. From the First Mega Drive Championship until now, only Doc Shakib and Lord Dilks can equal Mr Smith's longavity. Here we take a look at a member who left the tournaments ranked at number one.

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Sixteenth English Mega Drive Championship Review

Tournament legend, Mr Smith, makes his final curtain call in the Tournament Knockout. His departure from the league all but hands the competition to his long running rival and fellow tournament titan, Lord Dilks. Doc Shakib returns to the top league after a one competition exile in Division Two, Captain Maltby and Lieutenant Gareth, also battling in Division One, will be looking to avoid the drop back into Division Two.

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Fourth Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

The members of Portugal's Mega Drive Tournaments return to once again contest for the honour of being dubbed Champion. Twice winner and defending champion, the "invincible" Jorge Esteves is regrettably absent, but José Chança, winner of the inaugural Mega Drive Championship returns to battle aspiring champions like Alberto Campos, Fátima Campos, Filipe Semião and Orlando Silva.

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Fifteenth Tournament Members (England)

With ten people participating, five in each division, the Fifteenth Mega Drive Championship was the biggest English domestic tournament was the largest to date. We take a look at these ten people who gathered together on the evening of 11th July 2006 to duel for the most sacred of all honours: The Mega Drive Championship. Click on the individual member image for a full profile.

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Fifteenth English Mega Drive Championship Review

Mr Smith and Lord Dilks go head-to-head for one final league campaign battling for the title. Captain Maltby and Lieutenant Gareth are promoted from the bottom league and will engage Baron Von Hooton in the battle to avoid relegation. Doc Shakib will be looking to gain promotion from Division Two, which expands with three new members to make the biggest Mega Drive Championship to date.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Boss and Badnik Guide

The gift of hedgehog handling can be thwarted with difficulty, Sonic's very appeal is his speed, however, running at full pelt across the levels can land the Blue One in all sorts of dangers. In order to aid those who wish to improve their Sonic 2 abilities, we have provided this handy guide which highlights the enemies Sonic will face in his attempt to defeat the evil Dr Robotnik.

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Third Tournament Members (Portgual)

With an average of twenty people participating in each of the three Mega Drive Championships Portugal has thus far boasted, we take a look at the top fifteen ranked members following the Third Tournament. Based on a simple formula of points scored at each stage, with later stages being more beneficial, which of these Iberian warriors will be ranked highest?

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Third Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

Portugal and England were still unaffiliated when Portugal started their first tournament of 2006 with Jorge Esteves back to defend his title. The three stages remain the same, however, changes to Stage One sees the "Swiss method" included instead of the old mini-knockout point scoring method. Twenty-two people battle for the honour of becoming the Third Mega Drive Champion.

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English Mega Drive Championship High Scores

Following the Fourteenth Tournament we have complied the top fifty high scores from all English Mega Drive Championships. While the epic of Lord Dilks trouncing Captain Maltby 44-0 at the Fifth Mega Drive Championship looks in no danger of being beaten, there are numerous entries from the Fourteenth Tournament; the highest being Lord Dilks beating Doc Shakib 17-0, which ranks at the seventh highest score of all time.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Stage Guide

To some the Special Stages on Sonic 2 remain an enigma and collecting all seven chaos emeralds can prove a challege. In order to help we have produced guide to help with the locations of bombs and rings in each special stage. Although this offers no help to Mega Drive Championship players, with the Special Stage outlawed, it is hoped this advice will help other Mega Drive players earn all the emeralds and access Super Sonic.

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Fourteenth Mega Drive Championship Photographs

The Fourteenth Mega Drive Championship was the biggest 16-bit event to date. The camreas were out in full force to capture this awesome occassion for prosperity and here we have the finest photography the tournaments have produced, with twelve of the finest images of the Fourteenth Tournament on display.

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Second Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

England and Portugal would not become aware of each other for another nine-months, however, for completions sake we have added an article for the Second Mega Drive Tournament. Defending champion José Chança does not return to defend his title, leaving the door open for a new player to claim his crown: Flávio Esteves, Orlando Silva and Fátima Campos will all fancy their chances.

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Fourteenth Mega Drive Championship Review

The Fourteenth Mega Drive Championship marked some of the biggest and fundamental changes to the tournaments to date. There was a change in venue, an update of the game pools, trophies were presented for all competitions, the Tournament Knockout returned, as did Division Two. A new competition was added in the form of the Challenge knockout. Four players participated in Division One and four in Division Two.

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The Return of Mega Drive Championshipary

We said it was over... we lied! The fires of Mega Drive burned stronger in our souls than we thought. Now the tournaments begin a new era and we look at the changes that will be made to the competitions. Bigger and better than the previous thirteen combined is the target set by the new Tournament Administration - will they deliver?

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First Portuguese Mega Drive Championship Review

While Mega Drive Championships in England had officially ended, in Portugal the torch had just been lit as avid Mega Drive collector, Alberto Campos, created a tournament. England and Portugal would not become affiliated until 2006, but we've included the results in the archive non-the-less! Twenty members battle to have the honour of becoming the first Mega Drive Champion of Portugal.

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The Members of the Mega Drive Championships

Eleven people had battled over thirteen Mega Drive Championships, we have all ready announced the final rankings, but now we take a more detailed look at those eleven who participated. Some had played in all thirteen tournaments, others for a number of tournaments, some had only appeared in one tournament and just one member had only battled in one game. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we study the members.

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Final Overall Standings of the Mega Drive Championships

The tables that were forever changing are now set in stone. We look at the final rankings of the tournament members, game by game. From the first game of World Cup Italia '90 to the final game of Pete Sampras Tennis, every fixture over the past Thirteen Tournaments have been calculated and now we can assess who were the best players within the Mega Drive Championships.

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Thirteenth Mega Drive Championship Review

Mr Smith eyes his third successive title in what was billed as the final Mega Drive Championship. With the lowest number of fixtures since the First Tournament, Captain Maltby returned to the fold to bid his farewell to the Championships and make sure the tournaments finished on a high note, going out with a bang as opposed to a whimper.

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