Ball Jacks


Golden Axe 2

Micro Machines '96

Pete Sampras Tennis

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Streets of
Rage 3

Super Street Fighter 2

Virtua Racing

World Cup Italia '90

The games selected in Division One are generally seen as the ten best competitive two-players the Mega Drive has to offer. Ranging from the hardcore battles of Super Street Fighter 2 to the mental agility required for Columns, each game has been specifically picked so that in order to be crowned Mega Drive Champion a wide range of skill is needed over a broad spectrum of genres. Since its introduction at the Seventh Tournament, the game pool has seen a slow evolution over time with the most recent tweek taking place at the Fifteenth Mega Drive Championship.


Alien Storm

Ball Jacks


Eternal Champions

Micro Machines '96

NHL '97

Road Rash 3

Sensible Soccer

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Streets of
Rage 2

Division Two games often stick to similar genres as their Division One counterparts, but often the individual games selected require less skill to play. Four games used in Division One are also used in the lower league so that members who are either promoted or relegated are not completely out of their depth in the following tournament. The Division Two game pool has seen considerable changes since its re-introduction in the Fourteenth Tournament, with half of the games used in that competition replaced.


European Club Soccer

Mortal Kombat


Primal Rage

Sonic 3

Turtles Fighters

Wayne Gretzky

WWF Super Wrestlemania

Along with all the games above (with the exception of Streets of Rage 3) these eight titles are also included in the Knockout draw. Most of the games can be picked up and played relatively easy and, due to their comparitive ease, can add some spice into the Knockout. Should there ever be a Division Three it is likely that these eight games will form the basis of its game pool.